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Pricing for 2014 Gymkhana Events

Direction to Z Spear: Take I-40 East to Winona exit, take a left, after 1 mile turn right on Copley Dr (right after bridge.), go down 8/10 of a mile arena will be on your right.  
PLEASE do not google the address it will take you on the back roads.  The arena is very easy to find we will have signs from Townsend Winona.  Please call with any questions  Kelli 928-853-3446


There will be NO Pizza, however we will be serving.....
breakfast burros for $5
Green Chilli Burritos for $5
uncrustable peanut butter and jelly's for $1.50...
Root beer floats $3
We will still have lots of snack foods, water, sodas, chips etc.

You can PRE-ORDER the breakfast burros and green chilli to make sure we have enough you can comment to this posting or call Kelli 853-3446

Attn:  NAHA Members 

Please be advised that our next General/Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 15th @ 6:30pm @ Mary's Cafe on Highway 89.

Check out our NAHA website and submit your membership form online !!!

If you have any changes, thoughts or opinions that you would like to make to the proposals above, or believe there is something the Board has overlooked, missed or neglected to address, please contact any Board member to discuss, email Kathleen Callander at
or come to the meeting posted above!

We are going to have a fantastic and fun gymkhana season!! 
2014 NAHA Board of Directors

 NAHA is offering breakfast, lunch, drinks & snack items for sale! (All proceeds will benefit your own NAHA group)  

And click on the link below for the menu that will be offered!


Welcome to the 2014 NAHA !

Attention NAHA Members! Are you ready for this season to get started?  YES, WE ARE!!!! The 2014 gymkhana season dates have been marked and the planning is underway! We are looking forward to a wonderful season of equestrian and family fun!

Previously, the Board asked members to complete a survey asking for their thoughts about utilizing another arena and the EMT services that were provided last year. Votes were tallied, and here are the results:

EMT: The majority of members voted that they did not want the EMT service. That service will not be provided this yea,r and the EMT fee will not be charged.

ARENA:        The majority of the members voted to utilize the Z Spear Arena. After much discussion, and we do mean much, the Board decided we will do half the gymkhana dates at the Z Spear arena and half at the Ft. Tuthill Posse Arena.  We chose to use the Ft. Tuthill Posse Arena for the first gymkhana to avoid high winds in the Doney Park area, and the two (2) day gymkhana in July to provide camping and stables. 

NAHA 2014 Gymkhana Season Dates

Date                                        Arena

      May 17                                                       Ft Tuthill
   June 21                                                      Z Spear

                     July 19                                                       Ft Tuthill

                     July 20                                                       Ft Tuthill

                     August 16th                                                Z Spear

                     September 20th                                                     Z Spear

                     September 21st- Rain Make Up                Z spear

Don’t miss out on this great NAHA year of equestrian events!  We are eagerly waiting to meet all new members, and excited to catch up with previous members.  Spread the word.

Keep checking the NAHA site for any new upcoming and exciting news.  Turn in your membership by March 31st and receive a discount. 

Sincerely the 2014 NAHA Board


Dallas Lilly – President                                  Madeline Parent – Vice-President

Kelli Girvin – Treasurer                                 Kathleen Callander – Recording Secretary
Sherri Brendel – Corresponding Secretary     Pete Mickelson - Director
Janet Mickelson – Director                            Leo Parent - Director

  Welcome to the Northern Arizona Horseman's Association             

We are Northern Arizona’s largest and oldest horseman’s club. In 1957 N.A.H.A. was born of two Flagstaff 4-H groups who traded in their rivalry to form a truly family oriented equine club.  Having strong 4-H roots, we still strive to demonstrate good horsemanship skills and friendly competition.  Riders of all ages come from near and far, to ride in Arizona’s cool pines. 

Gymkhanas are fun mounted games where partnership between horse and rider can really shine.  Members young and old compete against the clock on patterns that are guaranteed fun for all!  Cool ribbons and great year end awards will keep you and your equine smiling.  So come play with old friends and make some new ones too! 

General and Board meetings are generally held the 4th Thursday of the month at 6:30 at either Silver Saddle Café or Mary's Cafe.

Any questions regarding the website or facebook page please contact Sherri Brendel at, or at (928) 853-7661.

Dallas, Madeline, Kathleen, Kelli & Sherri



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